Cybersecurity Risk Assessment & CISO

Risk driven analysis of the cybersecurity posture, cybersecurity gaps identification, and remediation plan.

  1. Discovery Workshop to identify company assets and ongoing cybersecurity activities
  2. Cybersecurity Standard or Framework identification - such as ISO, NIST, CIS
  3. Gap Assessment - Review of the business processes and cybersecurity gaps
  4. Risk Assessment - Identification of attack scenarios and risk estimation
  5. Remediation Plan - Risk reduction plan structured into activities
  6. CISO - Support or oursource CISO activities to V-Research (Month or Annual subscription)

Cybersecurity Training

On-site or online trainings on cybersecurity topics from risk assessment to phishing and coding best practices.

  1. Managers & C-Levels
  2. Administrative Staff
  3. Developers or IT

Cybersecure Development Lifecycle

Design (policies and procedures) and implementation of a cybersecure development process.

  1. Continuous Integration & Security Testing
  2. Secure Deployment
  3. Secrets and Key Management

Vulnerability Assessment, Pentesting, Code Review & Best Practices

  1. Automated software or firmware code review
  2. Vulnerability assessment on IT infrastrctures, software or web apps
  3. Penetration testing on IT infrastrctures, software or web apps
  4. Cybersecurity Hardening

Please reach out to our team via email to involve us in your challenge! We will send you a quote with a project plan (draft).