Founded in 2020, based in Italy, V-Research is a private R&D Lab that bridges foundational challenges and engineering needs (currently in the field of cybersecurity). It was born from the idea of creating a place where people and culture could really come first, where one can express her ideas in whatever forms she prefers. We are not just saying it! We mean it! Read more


Our mission is to develop a scientific theory of cybersecurity and a toolchain for the secure engineering of cyber-physical systems. Cybersecurity is still a relatively new research field and lacks of foundational understanding to make current products suitable for the engineering of secure systems. We now live in a world where (pen)testing is the main weapon against cybersecurity attacks. But, if there is no cybersecurity theory, what are we testing? Read more

Research Challenge

Our challenge consists in engineering a 100% secure Cyber-Physical System, or else a system where there are zero possible successful attacks. The challenge is bold and ambitious but we believe that a scientific approach should aim at something precise and rigorous. There is no more-or-less in science, either you have a theory that precisely predicts some phenomenon or you keep searching for that theory. Read more